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MageMojo Magento hosting, a group of 40 talented devops guys who all work remotely. We believe passionate, talented people all working together smoothly yields awesome work that lets us build a solid infra and processes to prevent fires instead of spending time always putting out fires. We get along and we constantly improve only because we don’t bullsh!t each other or our clients, we don’t hide or say what we think others want to hear. We do this with respect and we value truth, transparency and honesty above all else. While we’re not reckless, we believe strongly in getting something in our hands quickly and iterating (as opposed to powerpointing/conceptualizing our way through life). Of course there are times when we are in headphones­on, hyper­concentration mode. But we also draw a lot of support from each other and try to focus on the “human side” of support. We are curious students of the internet age who are interested in continuing to enhance our own work, sharing what we’ve learned, and learning from those around us.

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