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Maxitech is an R&D office of large international holding. Working with wide audience of private investors we help them trading stocks, commodities and currencies as well as providing them with the suite of efficient services for online investments.
Maxitech R&D team’s target is developing software solutions maximizing the performance of the core business. Current team size is 120+ people. We are looking for software development experts ready to bring their knowledge and contribute to building the new, best in the class, software product.
Our company headquarter is in Israel. We also have offices in 8 locations worldwide. R&D team is fully concentrated in Kiev.
We don’t do outstaff or outsource, we don’t have a “client” and don’t sell any service. We do qualitative software products to enable the business becoming more efficient and successful.

We work on the portfolio of products linked to each other with the business goals they are addressing. Our project is long-term and has s financing.

There are existing solutions for Marketing&Sales departments which are already in production and having active phase of new functions development as well as start-up products:
• Brand new CRM tailored for Online Investments market
• Affiliate Lead management tool
• Call Center automation tool
• CMS system for websites
• Marketing Campaign management tool
• Business Intelligence and Dashboards solutions suite
• Brand new trading platform

A few words about the tech stack of our products:
• Latest tech for Web: .Net Core 2.0, React.js
• BI tech suite
• Full automated testing process (UI Tests, API tests, Integration Tests, Unit Tests, BDD, Load tests)
• Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment — it really works here
• AWS PaaS, ELK, TFS (Git as VC), SonarQube (Company management cares about Sonar)
• ... and other cool abbreviations ?

We don’t have legacy; all our existing software was written by ourselves and supported by teams developed it.

We value quality and care about engineering practices we have. We leave no chance not to follow them and commit any
• Test First (Behavior Driven Development)
• Integration tests / Continuous Testing
• DevOps culture / Continuous Integration
• Extreme Programming / Code Review etc.

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Nikita Mokrynskyi Head of Research and Development

06 серпня 2018

Саша, спасибо большое. Мы очень благодарны тебе за тот вклад, который ты внёс в развитие наших продуктов и становление компании в целом. Я желаю тебе интересных проектов и отличной карьеры!

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