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MEDSTAR CLINIC Ltd is a modern and fast-growing company.
MEDSTAR CLINIC Ltd presented in the markets of Europe and the CIS, as a system integrator and partner of leading manufacturers of IT technologies, which products have many years of experience and thousands of successful implementations work, adapts, produces and integrates complex IT-solutions, conducts on-line technical support and development of members.
Our solutions:
Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) allows you to create a database of medical images of patients obtained from different DICOM sources in different hospitals. This system involves the creation of special archives on DICOM servers, with a fast on-line access and viewing of interest information using a secure communications protocol. The system has an integrated viewer, with a powerful diagnostic functionality, 3D reconstruction, and optional add-on modules. This system can works with MIS \ HIS and other PACS, and using DICOM, HL7, IHE standards.
HIS (Hospital Information System)
Development is a complete software solution “turnkey” for any health care provider in which workstations are combined into a single coherent information and computer network. Each workstation has an individual graphical user interface and performs data processing in accordance with laid down in a functioning algorithm.
All document diagnostic and treatment process translated into electronic form. All the information is on the server. User access to the database server (databases) on the basis of a thick client, thin client and web-based access. Muster and consumer information services are physically located in different points of the network equipped with endpoints (client computers, printers, computer systems connected with medical equipment, etc.).
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System)
Innovative solution for constructing of information resource management systems based on multi-enterprise global best practices automation of large and medium-sized businesses. ERP system is a single database for all departments and tasks, so that access to information becomes easier, and most importantly, the units are able to exchange information between each other.
The system has extensive functionality at the level of ERP-systems of international class. Flexible and productive modern platform supports the work via the Internet, including “cloud” technologies and work on mobile devices.
MEDSTAR CLINIC Ltd. has the official partner status “1C: Official Partner”. Now our Company develops projects to implement ERP systems and medical solutions based on 1C. All project s are designed for a large number of users.

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