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Megalist works the way you do

Don’t miss a beat
Have the peace of mind that the staff in your lists can cover your shifts. Keep your business going even through unexpected circumstances, like when someone calls in sick or you experience a surge in business volume.

Manage communication with ease
All the communication between your staff managed in one safe place. Instant cross-device communication with granular admin and privacy management.

Share information in one safe place
Manage certificates, sensitive documents, feedback, detailed profile information and a lot more all in one central location with 256-bit AES & SSL encryption.

Work towards a common goal
Advanced admin controls allow for shared responsibility letting everyone participate in working towards an ideal staffing solution. Admins share responsibility for document sign off, shift flow, communication with staff, feedback and many other operational details.

Enjoy the extra mile
We proudly provide honest value for money with a simple pricing model delivered to you by a funky team that will go the extra mile for you. No hidden charges, no hidden fees, no commitments, no sales tactics. No gimmicks, period! Just cool, down to earth friendly service infused with common sense.

Spend time on what matters
Life is long and beautiful — enjoy, explore and appreciate it. Don’t waste your time on the mundane. Let our software help you automate your tedious tasks and spend time on all the little things that make life so charming.

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