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We are company O`Tak! We are developing modern web interfaces, mobile applications and cool creative sites.

We create not mediocre, but comfor wow-design websites and applications. And we do it cool. Over 90% of our customers say “Oh, So!” (Oh, Yes!) In dozens of different languages ​​when we show them our designs.

Our clients from different parts of the world, from Australia to the USA, re-apply and recommend us to others.

We often work with interesting innovative start-ups and this gives our employees the opportunity to create something new and useful for this world.

Every day, tens of thousands of people all over the world use our interfaces and this is a big responsibility. Therefore, the best specialists are in our studio. And at the same time we are looking for new talents that we help to open up and become part of the team.

In our company you will not only work, but also constantly improve yourself, learn together and relax.

P.S. And you will work together with the silver winner of the all-Ukrainian IT competition DEVChallenge in the category of Web Design Pro who can learn you.

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Работаю в компании 3-й месяц. От работы получаю одно удовольствие. В коллективе собраны настоящие профессионалы своего дела, люди работают на результат. Руководство всегда идет на встречу. Желаю успехов и развития.

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