Oxford Biolabs Ukraine

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Oxford Biolabs was founded in September 2009 by scientists previously based at Oxford University, one of the world’s leading centres for biochemical research. Our mission is to formulate novel health and beauty therapies in their fields of interest to extend the quality of people’s lives.

Currently, Oxford Biolabs are at various stages of research and development with products relating to androgenetic alopecia, hair pigmentation, rejuvenation, and skin care.

Our flagship product TRX2 Molecular Food Supplement for Hair was first introduced to the market in 2011 following years of intensive research. In 2015 the patent-pending TRX2 formula was then made available in the form of two topical solutions TRX2 Revitalizing Hair Lotion and TRX2 Revitalizing Hair Foam. They have also developed Melaniq Food Supplement for Hair Pigmentation a solution for people who would like to prevent greying hair.

A key aspect of Oxford Biolabs is our philosophy to develop products that are based on honest, credible science. With operations in four countries, and sales in over 100 countries, we continue to be one of the most effective nutraceutical companies worldwide.

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