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Philotimo Digital — a product design company for the betterment of all humans. We are based in London and Kiev, with clients and projects in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Ukraine. We create products and experiences that make people’s lives better on a daily bases. We treat every client as if they were a startup. Using Lean and Agile methodologies to create engaging products, services and workflows that fit into innovative business strategies that are modeled for the future. User experience on all sides of the business is at the core of our thinking and process. We also treat ourselves as clients with many internal projects that are set to revolutionize different sectors like personal finance, wealth management, big data correlation, online entertainment, corporate trading and much more.

Our culture is to be the most creative and fun place to work. No matter your background or where your from. If you think that creating products is fun and something you would do in your spare time anyway. Philotimo is the right place for you. Evolving, learning and challenge is a daily task for us. Join us.

In a nutshell. We are a startup and always will be. Fast, nimble and proactive. Creating amazing products to make all the humans better.

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