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We offer round-the-clock excitement via classic games, in a free to play format, accessible everywhere.

Playtika is the world’s largest Social Casino games company. We captivate audiences with beautifully produced, highly immersive social games. Playtika was the first to introduce free-to-play casino-style games to social networks.

We are successfully applying our intuitive understanding of what players want and our mastery of marketing and monetization practices to slots, poker, bingo and other gaming categories. Playtika studios are hives of creativity, with the independence and flexibility to innovate along with the shared resources and gaming knowledge to produce best-sellers time and time again.

Collectively, we are 2800+ employees spread across 11 studios with offices in Israel, US, Canada, Belarus, Argentina, Japan, Australia, Ukraine & Romania.

We are oriented to dynamical growth and stunning popularity, and successfully cope with these tasks.

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bilavski VFX Artist, Software developer

01 ноября 2018

Работаю уже около 5ти лет, компания крутейшая. Коллектив невероятно профессиональный и очень дружный, очень рад быть частью такой команды! + потрясающие тимбилдинги, вечеринки и инновационный подход во всем.

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