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Promomash works with CPG brands to make their demo and event programs painless, cost less, and generate more revenues.

Though promotions are a retail mainstay, the process is clunky and inefficient. Brands spend precious time and resources managing promotions and their ambassadors... and despite all that, it’s difficult to ever know how well they performed, or how much return the brand is getting on their promotional investment.

Promomash changes all that. With a cloud-based, mobile-ready platform, Promomash allows brand managers to efficiently handle more demos and promotions than ever, while giving a 360-degree view of their program, and facilitating everything from hiring new ambassadors to paying them for their work when completed. We are laser focused on ROI and ease of use.

Promomash transforms a tedious, costly, but necessary task into a fun, efficient, and profit-making one. It’s the smart way to optimize your marketing program. Promomash is the future of promotion management.

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