Ratio Software Engineering

Сайт компанії: www.ratiose.com

Ratio Software Engineering (www.ratiose.com) is an British-Ukrainian IT engineering outsourcing and research and development company with a Delivery Center in Kharkiv, Ukraine and a presence in Europe, the UK and the US. We are committed to ambitious growth and to providing great job opportunities for Ukrainian software developers, hardware engineers, and technical support engineers.

Our R&D effort is focused on Robotics (investigating human-robot interaction, enhanced role-focused software development packages based on commercially available robots, and research around the next steps in AI driven robotics), and Blockchain/Cryptocurrency.

We are always striving to deliver excellence in the art of Software Engineering, we offer market competitive salaries and a good working environment, opportunities to grow and learn — and have fun. We care about all our employees and operate a flexible working atmosphere, understand employees with family commitments, and hope you come to work every day because you want to (and we have Lego).

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