RBI Retail Innovation

RBI Retail Innovation is a product development company, a part of the global team of Raiffeisen Bank International (Vienna, Austria).

We are a fast growing R&D Lab working for the EU markets. We have 13+ CEE countries in our scope.

Our projects include design, delivery and post-delivery activities of next-gen digital banking platforms.

We have substantial expertise in developing enterprise solutions, and our ultimate goal is to merge cutting-edge technologies and start-up approaches and culture with solid and respec enterprise foundations of our parent group.

Our mission is to bring innovative technologies to banking. We create unique digital banking products and solutions and provide them in an innovative way. Our high performing team brings positive change to the digital banking world.

Our core values are People, Innovation, and Product obsession. We’re looking for inspired, motivated, and creative individuals to join our team and help us bring cool digital products to the International markets.

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