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Samsung Research and Development Institute Ukraine (SRK) is one of the units of R&D infrastructure of Samsung Electronics. Our local directions cover R&D activities in such areas as computer vision, next generations of human-computer interfaces based on 3D graphics and recognition technologies; applications for creating and consuming new types of multi-media content; device-2-device and device-2-cloud convergence; information security; artificial intelligence; natural language processing (NLP); human computer interaction (HCI); information retrieval; computational intelligence.

The main goal of the SRK is to provide next generation, adaptive, context-aware intelligent services for Samsung products and immersive serendipity across software and hardware eco-systems. We provide prototypes and new generation software development from scratch for embedded devices that gives a chance for Ukrainian engineers to work on technology of the future.

Company offers medical insurance, life insurance for our employees and their children, free lunches, English/Korean courses. Competitive salary; bonus system and effective talent development system for our employees, various learning workshops and trainings.
Ukrainian labor legislation guarantees (in particular, 24 calendar days of annual paid vacations; day-off on Ukrainian official holidays; paid sick leave, paid maternity leave).
Our company is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes application from all qualified candidates. The data provide will only be used for consideration of the applied position or other sui position in Samsung Electronics Ukraine Cоmpany Ltd. Personal data collected will be used for recruitment purpose only.
In the whole process of recruitment, applicants should be careful not to infringe the trade secret of the company which they have been / were working for.
Please note that Samsung Electronics will never ask applicants to submit any personal documents or sensitive personal data to facilitate the recruitment process.

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Хочу написать лишь об одном аспекте, о поддержке стартапов внутри компании. У нас регулярно проходят поиски и отбор идей для новых проектов. И вот как раз один из моих проектов, начинавшийся по-быстрому, на коленке, спустя полгода получил свою команду и бюджет. Так что идеям у нас всегда дорога.

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