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SciPress is a scientific publishing house located in Switzerland, near Zurich, with a strong focus on theoretical and applied physical sciences, engineering, earth sciences, social sciences and humanities. The cutting-edge technology helps our authors worldwide to publish results of their research and development fast and easy.

SciPress emerged in 2015 from two independent publishers with 8 periodicals. Today it publishes already 9 journals and is ready to acquire more periodicals with Open Access approach in all fields of scientific literature. The company is fully owned by Ltd., an investor with 30 years’ experience in scientific publishing. The ambitious goal is to bring the journals from smaller publishers to a high scholarly level by utilizing our experience and knowledge of the global STEM market.

An important branch of SciPress is located in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, where the sister company ‘TTP’ has been already present since 2005. Dnepropetrovsk has a long history connected with one of the most sophisticated universities in Eastern Europe. SciPress self-owned office building is situated right in the heart of the academic district and at the meeting point of scientists and software developers.

All over the world SciPress provides web open access to databases of scientific research in various fields, written as high quality stand-alone papers or compiled as special topic volumes, proceedings of international conferences and monographs.

In the time of Knowledge Economy, SciPress developed a user and scientist friendly web interface, providing simple yet efficient and easy-to-use system for uploading and reviewing papers. To keep up with the times, the company is always looking for new solutions to give the best possible support and service to its authors. By implementing users’ ideas, SciPress integrates advanced algorithms in its ePlatform to deliver a smarter user experience to help authors improve and develop their scientific ideas and increase their research visibility

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