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SharpMinds is a Ukrainian IT company, which is a part of a Dutch holding HelloFlex Group with headquarters in Hilversum, NL.

Working with the Dutch businesses for over 14 years, we have managed to grow to 200 employees, 4 comfor offices, more than 20 successful B2B projects, professional ICT, HR and Project Management services, and even more. We have succeeded in building the people-oriented environment, where individuals are valued, teams are productive, and business needs are met.

In our work, we focus on people and processes. We believe that the key to a successful IT project is a match between the customer side, the development team, and a process, they both trust. To help people become a focused team with a common goal, we provide IT Consultancy, run educational courses, organize IT events, support and implement development methodologies, facilitate leadership trainings and self-education.

We are mostly focused on long-term enterprise projects, which help us to bring experienced talents to the company, and build strong teams in PHP, Node.js, .NET, Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, Unity3D, Xamarin, and mobile development technologies, both native and cross-platform.

As most professional IT companies do, we provide full social package and support to every employee of SharpMinds. We facilitate knowledge sharing, mentor junior staff and cherish every talent, who joins our family of sharp minds.

Our team of beautiful recruiters will be always happy to meet you at the coffee counter and tell you lots of nice stories about SharpMinds and the projects we are working on together with our customers.

Please, find vacancy updates on the company website

Or contact our recruitment manager Irene Shubravska for more information:

Tel: 0931205389

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Чудова компанія! Веселий та професійний колектив. Хороші умови праці — компанія забезпечує всім необхідним. Тим, хто шукає роботу — рекомендую — професійний менеджмент, нормальне ставлення в колективі, повне взаєморозуміння плюс цікаві проекти. В Україні 2 офіси — в Ужгороді та Чернівцях. Для тих, хто любить не лише кодити, а й поговорити: відрядження за кордон і пряме спілкування з замовниками. Однозначно рекомендую :)

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