Shift Labs

Shift Labs is an offshore software development firm headquartered in the United States with R& D centers in Ukraine. Shift Labs offers diverse technological skill sets, streamlined and proven processes as well as industry specific expertise for improvements in areas of; quality, time to market, transparency and cost.

Our company employs highly experienced and industry recognized experts in both the US and Ukraine. Over 70% of our staff has either a MS or Ph. D. degree in applied mathematics or computer science. This technical and intellectual capital is translated into real business value through the combination of a rigorous adherence to advanced architecture and meticulous project management in the development of complex mission-critical applications.

Our US operations serve as a powerful link throughout the development lifecycle; employing highly qualified project managers, relationship managers and architects ensuring; communicative clarity, strong relationships, increased productivity and efficient knowledge transfer.

Используемые технологии:. NET, C#/С++

Заявленные бонусы:

  • Top Salary: $2700−3000 (depending on the specialist’s qualification)
  • Benefits: Customized benefits package to meet each employees needs
  • Bonuses: Performance based bonus incentives
  • Official work registration
  • Medical Insurance after three months
  • Observance of all major Ukrainian holidays
  • Annual vacation time (24 Days)
  • Free secure parking spot
Контактное лицо: HR-Department
Телефон: +38 (097) 207−10−37, +380 (44) 526−6148

Адрес: 03187, Киев, проспект Глушкова, 42

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Компания прекратили свое существование, так как что бы расчитатся с сотрудниками им раздали технику которая покрыла лишь примерно 50% долга по зп. Возможно собственники и захотят ее возродить и если вы мазахист и любите работать в фонд мира то туда ити можно.

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