Soft2bet 1.4

Soft2Bet is a European IT product company, which creates state of the art online entertainment projects.
Established in 2017, the company has expanded tremendously for two years, and from 10 employees back then, it now has 300 dedicated professionals located in our offices in Bulgaria, Cyprus and Malta.
Our people are our greatest value. All of them are highly qualified professionals, who put their experience, skills and dedication in the development of ground-breaking websites that customers enjoy on a daily basis.
Soft2Bet continues to grow at a fast pace, and so is our team. Such a dynamic atmosphere opens unlimited horizons to people who want to join the company, gain unique knowledge and know-how, develop their skills and grow within the company.

We are passionate about the idea of creating products of the highest quality.
We are multinational and multilingual.
We cover the full cycle of the development:
Back and front end, testing and quality assurance, design and concept of the product, project management, devOps.
We provide 24/7 support for our customers all over the world.

All Soft2Bet products are based on an in-house developed platform.
We use the Agile Method to manage our projects, and organize everyday Scrum meetings.
The key technology that we use:
JavaScript ES 6 standard — Node.js and Angular.

Standard base:
MySQL, GIT version control system, Cloud-native CI/CD Pipeline.

Join our Team, create and develop amazing products, and explore the world with us

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Big company with low-skilled developers, terrible atmosphere and foxy management. The salary is not paid during working period you must constantly knock it out. The products are very poor quality as the teams are unqualified. People are dismissed without any reason who is objectionable. Yuri Polyavich is a founder knows about everything. There is no opportunity for growth. Relatives and friends of the founder are everywhere. Development and testing departments are constantly changing. People are deceived by promising a big salary. Impressions are terrible, you lose your skills during your work there. Gambling products are developed poorly and deffects are not fixed on time. Beware and avoid this company there lies to everyone.

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