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Solid is a global fintech company with a mission to streamline and speed up online and in-app payment services worldwide. A payment journey doesn’t need to be complicated. Our customers can benefit from a state of the art solution that offers multiple payment methods in a simplified, reliable and transparent way.

We improve reliability and data transparency for businesses, accelerate global payments, and develop data systems that previously relied on poor infrastructures. We want to help businesses flourish by offering technological solutions that support global card networks, payment methods and data insights. Doing so enables merchants to utilise one integrated system that helps grow revenue online, on mobile, and at the point of sale.

Money transfers and buying online have never been easier. Solid is committed to a simple, fast and affordable payment system that eradicates credit card fees, outdated processes, and paper checks. We facilitate reliable and seamless payment options that serve both our customers and their clientele for greater satisfaction and loyalty.

Together with international payment systems and major market players, we develop complex client-oriented services. Our advanced technology complies with the highest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, offering fully automated workflows and ease of integration.

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