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SpryFlash — the ultimate flash CMS offers sensational features we all have been waiting for a long time. Think of a WYSIWYG backend where content is edited directly on the website. Amazingly easy and self-explanatory! Save a maximum of time in your web project creation with the unbea SpryFlash FRAMEWORK. Based on pre-implemented modules, websites can be created and configured with just a few mouse-clicks. Benefit from Flash’s infinite possibilities with unrestricted SEO capability at the same time — a combination that offers a never seen before competitiveness to your customer. Open interfaces for new components allow you to integrate modules of all kinds, from multimedia applications to booking systems. According to requirements you are — thanks to the innovative SpryFlash PLAYER — able to generate either a Flash site or immediately a complete CMS. Its state-of-the-art resources management delivers perfection of performance and creates a new standard in Content Management.

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