Сайт компании:

Diverse company cultures (Parent company based in U.S., global offices in Croatia, China, and Ukraine)

Fully-equipped perfect office space located in the Odessa city’s business center (Street Genoese 24D, Kadorrr City Mall)

Company Background:

1. We (headquarter is in U.S.) have 4 software development teams in different countries. We continuously build high in-demand projects and invest in new technology including SaaS and big data innovations. Data analysts, front and back-end engineers, product managers, and web and UX/UI teams collaborate alongside e-commerce experts to envision, prototype, and bring revolutionary ideas to life in a dynamic, flexible and fun work culture.

2. We are in business for more than 10 years, one of the largest U.S. wholesalers of consumer electronic parts and accessories. Other businesses include real estate and entertainment investments.

3. Our creative teams’ missions are building software applications to help small business to run their operations better, cut costs (include HR, accounts, office productivity, and communications)

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