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Syndicode is a custom software development company founded in 2014. We design and develop various software solutions for businesses, emphasizing indispu quality, transparency, and trust. The company is headquartered in California, US, with R&D offices in Kyiv and Dnipro, Ukraine.

For the 5 years of work, we have developed more than 50 technological solutions with marketplace development, product design, and many more. These include but do not limit to e-commerce web and mobile apps, critical enterprise apps, two-sided marketplaces, and SaaS.

At Syndicode, we adhere to the peerest standards in software delivery, product design, and business communications. Our commitment to supreme quality and agile iterative approach has led to a long-term trusting partnership with companies worldwide, primarily in the US and Europe.

Dedicated developers at Syndicode stand for a pragmatic engineering mindset and hold strong technical expertise. We put focus on Ruby on Rails development, NodeJS development, ReactJS development and React native development.

Key competitive advantages Syndicode offers to clients are full-cycle product engineering, flexible alignments and direct communication with engineers. We stand for transparency and indispu quality, providing clear expectations, concrete metrics, and well-defined project flow.

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Отзывы компании Syndicode (Синдикод)

Работаю в Syndicode больше года.
Руководство в компании открытое, все процессы прозрачны, как для сотрудников так и для клиентов. Коллектив в офисе ну прям вообще топ, причем как Киев так и Днепр.
Куча разных активностей, все друг друга знают, помогают, реально хочется ходить на работу.
Очень доволен что являюсь частью этой компании!

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