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Teamvoy — a custom software development company. Teamvoy is a high tech company founded in 2013 that provides web and mobile application development with a focus on the global FinTech market.

We are a great team of 40+ experienced professionals who deliver great products using strong development practices. We are based in Lviv, the second largest tech community in Ukraine and our clients are from all over the world — Europe and the USA, Australia and Hong Kong.

We are a team of multi-skilled and curious digital specialists who are always up for a challenge and learning as fast as digital is changing. Interested? Contact us

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Iryna Kulyk Marketing Assistant

20 июля 2018

Teamvoy is a very dynamic company focused on progressive software development and mobile systems. Teamwork is great here, everyone works together very well. Not only is the execution of projects excellent, but the atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly. As a marketing assistant, I learned a lot from this company, and was happy to be part of it.

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