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Our agency provide full service for startups on each stage of its life cycle. We have a huge experience in different web and mobile development. We are very strong in Python, Django, JavaScript, NodeJS, Angular, and Native Mobile development. Also, we know how to design excellent test suite and create testing automation using Jenkins CI, JavaScript, Protractor, Selenium and Appium.

Our main goal is to help our client build a successful projects. First step is the technological consulting, that include:
— Writing the requirement
— Choosing technological stack
— Calculation of the load
— Project architecture design

Second step is project planing:
— Define the timeframe
— Create project roadmap
— Calculate and optimize the budget

After it, we can provide creation of prototype, using Python/Django/Angular for Web development and Cordove/Ionic/ReactNative for mobile prototyping. If the App is using device hardware, we will use native development tools for Android and iOS.

For projects on production stage, we provide:
— Development outsource (Python, NodeJS, Angular, Mobile)
— Testing outsource (Test Design and Analytics, Protractor, Selenium, Appium)
— Documentation outsource

And finally, if the client already has all necessary processes and solutions, we can make an audit for:
— Technological solutions
— Environment
— Technical processes
— Technical documentation

We will assist you in any technological issues.

Enjoy the tech!

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