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TecSynt is a young company specializing in mobile and blockchain development. We truly believe that future lies in information technology and its superpowers — this is the core motivation of our work. Our goal is to create something special every day, and we don’t welcome barriers on the way.

Forget about any bureaucracy staff — we don’t focus on boring papers. Choose the comfiest place to work — if you want to stay at home today, we’re okay with that. And finally, we’re ready to discuss your working hours — we build an individual schedule for every team member together. Like it’s been said, there are no limits for the creative process.

Regardless of the knowledge level, every employee at TecSynt has a chance to quickly build a career ladder from a junior level. And the way to the top will be both challenging and fascinating. As TecSynt’s team works with startups and big companies, we have no time for idle talking — only complex tasks and interesting projects.

Are you with us? If you’re a brave software traveler (as we are) and truly believe in your strength (as we do), there is a big chance we’ve got lots of things to discuss!:)

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