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Trendline Global is software development company with a formula for success built around teamwork, loyalty, dedication, and culture.

Founded in 2010, today TrendLine has established as fast growing outstaffing company with over 250 projects delivered and a satisfaction of over 100 customers. Now, TrendLine is also provide custom web and mobile software development services and digital marketing support. We are dedicated, people-oriented and we deliver the best.

The company comprises talented, passionate, innovative and dedicated employees and consistently searches for top talented employees who are willing to take on challenging projects and evolve in their areas of expertise. As a company we embody teamwork, creating a joyful atmosphere where we are free to share our thoughts and ideas.

Take a dive into our company and experience what you have always wished a perfect job should be like.

We offer a flexible working schedule and a great salary with juicy compensations.

Our work-stations are a dream for any employee, fully equipped with everything you need to make the job as easy as possible.

We ensure our teams and clients speak the same language, that’s why we organize English courses for our employees.

As an employee at TrendLine, you would relish every single moment of your work with us. We value everyone we work with…customers and employees alike.

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Anastasia Briukhovych IT Sales Manager TrendLine Global

18 грудня 2018

В TrendLine работаю полгода. Это мой первый опыт работы в сфере IT, всему обучили и во всём помогли. Хорошие условия работы, комфортный офис, есть возможность развиваться и улучшать свои навыки, а также здесь очень дружный и отзывчивый коллектив. Помимо этого, часто устраивают интересные тимбилдинги. Очень рада, что попала именно сюда.

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