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Triangu is software engineering, integration and infrastructure management company serving worldwide.

We put together IT industry’s best people into a dream team. We equip them with innovative technologies to drive outstanding performance. We apply a business-oriented approach to deliver complex solutions. Our business expertise is verified by a number of successful cases across the following areas:

• Telecommunications• Fintech• Internet of Things

We specialise in delivering turnkey integration projects, building highly scalable infrastructure and designing solutions according to industrial security standards and regulatory compliance restrictions.

Our approach is based on applying latest technologies, which are used by tech leaders — Google, Facebook and Amazon. We customise up-to-date tech-stack to fulfil our client’s goals within extreme timeframes in a cost-effective way.

Proud to be Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services.

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Илона, спасибо огромное за фидбек, он очень важен для нас:)
Мы в свою очередь желаем тебе развития, успехов в твоей карьере и всего только самого замечательного! Спасибо за то, что была с нами все это время!

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