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UKEESS Software House is a custom software development and consulting company. Our services are not limited to outsourcing for software vendors and custom application development for ultimate customers. We also provide BP modeling and analysis, web sites/graphic design, quality and comprehensive testing for existing software solutions, full-time software support for developed solutions, IT consulting and remote administration.

UKEESS Software House included more than 80 employees and we have a big experience with service development:

— Full information system engineering and development
— Business process modeling and analysis
— Database design and optimization
— Web development
— Windows applications development
— Software reengineering
— Web Sites/Graphics Design

Our customers are USA companies that provide services in electronic payment systems, GPS services, CRM systems, cashiering and personalized card-swipe programs.

We develop software for healthcare organizations: tools for removing the hassle around job searching and credentialing for healthcare professionals, emergency room scheduling software, personal health record systems, etc.

Java, node.js, Ruby, C#/ASP.NET, Python, AWS, IBM Watson, Docker, Kubernetes, Angular, React, Vue.js, iOS/Swift, Android, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, ES/Solr, Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis, and PCI/HIPAA Compliance/HL7

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