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Vaimo — our “hearts” beat for Magento and eCommerce

In a nutshell, we build digital storefronts on the Magento platform. In a longer nutshell, Vaimo was established as a small start-up in Sweden in 2008, and is built on values like quality, speed, and excellence, with strong metaphorical references to Scandinavian winters. In fact, the name “Vaimo” is derived from the native Sami word for “heart.” The word describes our heritage, our drive, our culture, and our passion for knowledge-sharing. And also, it implies that if we can handle harsh arctic winters in northern Sweden, we can successfully scale the digital landscape of eCommerce.

We have deployed eCommerce solutions for over 400 brands and merchants and have helped them achieve higher revenues and build stronger brands. In a few short years, we ballooned to over 250 employees in 13 offices in 10 countries, including Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, UK, Estonia, Ukraine, UAE, South Africa and Japan. Our global presence, means we have experience, strength and close proximity with our clients, whether they are at a beach in California, or in an igloo in the Arctic circle.

Vaimo’s pledge is to become the top global Magento solution partner using the best tools we have — no, not Python or Linux — our diverse and smart and fun people! You’ll find a vast mix of over 30 nationalities in our group of passionate Vaimoers, and a high percentage of women for an IT company. Above all, we believe in keeping our Vaimoers happy, motivated, and challenged (in a good way) every day.

We have an in-house team of 250+ specialists with offices located in Sweden, UK, Finland, Norway, UAE, Japan, South Africa, Denmark, Estonia and Ukraine.

Our Core Values

Teamwork — We are better together, whether it’s working on a project, digging into new ideas during our Hackathons, or playing ping-pong. We grow technically together today and then build on that knowledge tomorrow.

Open — We are a flat organisation, meaning you can grab a coffee from the kitchen and stroll right into our CEO’s office. We are open about our goals, our processes, and what we expect from our employees. Don’t expect any surprises from us, other than what’s new on our Friday Beers menu!

Fun — We’re all about enjoying what you do at the office, and outside of the office. That’s one of the big differences you can feel at any Vaimo office — everyone wants to be here, and the positive energy is contagious.

Excellence — From a tech perspective, expect to be challenged in a good way daily, as you work with a large, well-engineered system (Magento) and learn lots of practical applications of design pattern theories and move towards architect-type-of-thinking on how you build software.

It’s not about individual technology, but about the possibility to play with different technologies, and different software systems through ERP integrations.

We use the below technical components to build not only online storefronts, but also the tools we use, and the technologies we manage, including a hosting platform. We go through the deliberate process of finding the very best tool for the job, as we strive to continuously scale the wobbly mountains of eCommerce.

That’s why we pick many of the technologies we work with; so we can develop even greater technologies.

Our Technology Playground

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