Сайт компанії: is a young, well-funded startup using Artificial Intelligence to transform the immense world of audio transcription.

Our mission: To textualize the world’s verbal content making online content accessible to all.

Verbit harnesses the power of artificial and human intelligence to provide a smart transcription and captioning solution. Built on adaptive algorithms, it is the only technology that generates the most detailed speech-to-text files to provide over 99% accuracy, delivered at record-breaking speed.
Smart AI technology supports on-demand CART services for real-time results. Verbit’s flexible cloud system includes customizable templates and allows users to upload files directly, via API or through integrations with leading video hosting platforms.
A robust platform provides customers with full visibility into the files that are being processed in real-time. Verbit’s customized solution helps organizations maximize the potential of their audio and video files by making information searchable, accessible and actionable.

Even though we are still a very young company, we have been able to get customers such as Coursera, Udacity, Stanford, Utah and about one hundred other customers.

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