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At ViaCube, we believe our vision is nothing short of groundbreaking. Our mission is bold. It’s about a quantum change in how people interact with technology and with one another using technology. We set out to rethink human-computer interaction for the digital life of the future, borrowing concepts and practices from advanced math and science theory and practice to create technology that is truly human-friendly, ubiquitous and holistic. Our business plan is three-fold:

  1. To offer a bold new human-computer interaction paradigm that can change how people think about, use and interact with technology and with each other using technology.
  2. To make digital living a reality today through an always-on, accessible-everywhere, complete “Personal OS” that is accessible for storing, streaming, managing and sharing rich media and content.
  3. To provide highly customizable, standards-based, platform-agnostic digital life technology for our business partners, offering an environment for quickly and easily adding new products, services or distribution channels to their business models—strengthening customer relationships and expanding market opportunities.

ViaCube is a privately-held technology company founded in 2004. Our global teams are comprised of people from a wide range of cultural, educational and geographic backgrounds — people who are passionate, driven, competitive, and able to challenge conventional thinking when it comes to computing technology and digital life. ViaCube brings together computer scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, telephony and networking professionals, and seasoned business executives to collaborate on innovative ideas and solutions. ViaCube has offices in Las Vegas and Atlanta in the United States, in Kiev and Lviv in the Ukraine and in Chengdu in China.

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