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Vimmi was founded by visionaries who foresaw the multi-platform, anywhere, anytime video future and were committed to making that future easily accessible to any content owner, service provider, enterprise or public organization.

Vimmi is realizing its mission with innovative, comprehensive built-for-video network architecture technologies that provide cloud-based video services and broadcast-quality delivery services across managed and unmanaged networks. Vimmi enables its customers to reach any screen, at any time, with any content from any location in the world and to maximize return on their valuable video assets.

As pioneers in video and IP integration, the company’s founders and leaders are natives in a technology landscape where many players from the video and IP worlds are still learning the basic terrain. The Vimmi solution reflects their experience and expertise.

Since 2011, the Vimmi platform has provided a full suite of cloud-based, modular service provider-grade video preparation, delivery and management services. An open platform that is integrated via APIs, it is uniquely fast and easy to set up, freeing clients from the complex, costly and delay-prone process of building in-house video processing systems.

Vimmi also provides robust, Licensed CDN services for video and internet service providers, enabling them to rapidly add advanced OTT delivery to their service offerings without burdensome investments in infrastructure and manpower.

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Vladislav Kavunenko Android-разработчик - Vimmi Communications Ltd.

08 октября 2018

Работал в Vimmi почти год. Всем доволен. Отношение к сотрудникам хорошее, коллектив приятный и дружелюбный. Зарплату выплачивали вовремя. Офис уютный и просторный. Проекты также интересные.

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