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We are the developers of mobile applications located in Ukraine. Our values are strong team, cooperative work, the use of the latest technologies and follow the best Agile practices to run app development workflow process.
A team of professional and high-skilled application development specialists. We offer our clients a large spectrum of development services that cover the whole lifecycle of any iOS or Android project. We can handle the project of any stage and complexity from the first concept to polished product. Our purpose is creating applications that could compete on the market of mobile technologies.
As mobile development is a complex task, we at VRG Soft got used to divide it on some stages. So let us introduce the main ones:
— Prototyping. It allows our team to fully understand and visualize the future application as well as match the ideas with customer’s business processes.
— UI/UX. Attractive and user-friendly iOS and Android design, that’s what makes an application great.
— Development. Our core criterions are high performance, easier access, better security.
— Quality Assurance. The key part of the cycle both from developers and customers point of view.

Our engineers are inventive and beg for some challenges. That’s why project complexity makes no matter for us, we can perform any task our client wants. They are fully qualified in all aspects in the development field.

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