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Webinse is an innovative software development company which provides complex eCommerce solutions for a wide range of international partners.
The main direction is development, design and support of online stores based on Magento platform. Our potential clients are small & middle-size companies and business owners from Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Italy), United Kingdom, Australia, USA, and Canada.

Below is the glimpse of our wide dev experience knack.

  • Magento architecture;
  • development and optimization (backend and frontend);
  • extension development (please, take a look at some Webinse extensions placed on official Magento marketplace: www.magentocommerce.com/...​connect/developer/Webinse );
  • migrating to Magento from another platform;
  • integration of 3rd party applications;
  • eCommerce consulting;
  • technical support and maintenance.

Why Webinse?

The key principles of our company are permanent improvements of the internal business processes which increase productivity, effectiveness and gives a possibility to always provide a high level solutions for our customers. Due to this point ones among the best world companies choose us to build long-term and perspective business relationships.

Besides the work with out-source partners we have a product department which is responsible for development of extensions which are in use on more than 3000 web stores. But the main purpose in internal development now is to create a complex resourse aimed on the productivity, quality, control and set of operations, implementation of which now requires a use of different software solutions. The aimed resource will help to get rid of using different software approaches and instead will give a possibility to improve the quality of internal processes.

Should you need any further information, please contact our HR Department:
email: hr@webinse.com

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Отзывы компании Webinse

Я работал в этой компании еще будучи студентом. Отличный коллектив, дружная атмосфера, хороший офис(по крайней мере был, в Запорожье), интересные проекты. Менеджмент был адекватным, руководство фирмы даже отпускало на сессии в универ в другой город на несколько недель, и помогало с оплатой съемной квартиры. За эти несколько месяцев многому научился, спасибо, и привет из Мюнхена. ;)

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