Сайт компании: web-pal.com

We are not a conventional agency, but a community of accomplished web developers.

Yes, We share the same working space and knowledge, but the whole idea is truly about teams and individuals.

We don’t feature any stiff management models or master-slave type of communications, these days happening so often in gigantic corporate agencies.

Our space hosts 15 to 20 developers every day (some free to choose they want to work at home any day), and all these people are bound together with knowledge We produced while developing many complex solutions to ones who asked for it, writing gigabytes of metamorphic code to solve most sophisticated problems on our way.

Every individual in our union is packed with great experience baggage and communication skills, but together, we created a perfected and pipe-lined development processes we follow. At some point in our path, we put a lot of effort into creating it, and we are proud of it. It allows either individuals or small team to develop any-complexity-projects with amazing swiftness.

We are a little cozy team of professionals, and we love it this way.

Our git if you’re curious: github.com/web-pal

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