Whirl Software 4.7

Whirl Software provides a full cycle of software development services — from idea to development to integration — with ongoing product support, IT consulting, data analysis and monetization solutions.

We cooperate with a team of over 70 professionals to create useful, convenient and relevant products for society.

Whirl Software offering embraces the full cycle of development, customization, and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions, as well as custom software development, platform-based consulting, outsourced product development, and IT services. Our customers are medium-sized and corporate businesses and agencies in many domains: State, Healthcare, Security, Marketing, Sales and Telecommunications.

We create platforms and services that help to achieve international sustainable development goals:

— Healthcare. An automated information system that processes, analyzes and stores data of the patients using healthcare services.
— WIFI monetization platform. A monetization platform that unites brands with their customers.
— Data Intelligence. The platform for the collection, storage, and processing of information received from digital channels.

Whirl Software is a living, self-managed ecosystem. Each of us is responsible for the result, and it doesn’t matter if it’s action or inaction. We always strive for technical excellence, so we put quality first. We take care of projects after their launch. We support, nurture and improve.

Therefore, we are a team:
— We enjoy working;
— We work in cross-functional SCRUM teams;
— We share knowledge and experience;
— We welcome non-standard changes and solutions that accelerate processes;
— We bring each other souvenirs from vacation;
— We laugh a lot and host sports championships;
— We support work/life balance and office massages;
— We go to the mountains and music festivals;
— We have our own movie-theater
— We communicate a lot outside of work

We trust each other, we solve different tasks together, we ask for help when we need it, we compete in games, we joke a lot, we listen to each other and we are friends outside of the office.

If you support our views — we’ll be waiting for your CV.
Even if we don’t have the right role for you now, we’ll keep in touch with you.

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