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Wizzards combines magic and automation by software that will simplify your work but will increase the customer base and sales.
Wizzards helps small and medium businesses to start using sales and marketing in an efficient way. We do it through some magic and automation tools that can be used by everyone.
We believe in small teams. Small teams are fast and nimble. Small teams mean less bureaucracy and more getting things done.

What we do:
— Magicpost
Automate your social media via our magic bot. Magic Post is an application that helps small and medium-sized businesses spend fewer resources, build an automated social networking presence and make their publications targeted to the audience with a smart assistant.
— 1000leads
Lead generation SAAS for your business. We bring 1000+ business contacts based on your search criteria as an automated solution.
— Chatboten
Our mission is to popularize this term and show how business can benefit from using chatbots as it was with mobile apps, websites, social media, and the Internet. And you can order chatbots for your business.

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