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Youdask is a product development company located in Kiev, Ukraine. With a great experience in creating our own products, we are currently focused on highly competitive American and European markets.

The latest product of Youdask is aimed at growing and attracting new customers for companies selling their goods or services online. We’ve developed a perfect solution that allows to automatically generate and post positive customer reviews. Youdask platform helps companies effectively analyze their services and enhance their products. The main objective of Youdask is to boost sales revenue and promote brand awareness about a company.

Our product is a powerful marketing instrument giving lots of new opportunities to customers. We keep working on other feature-rich solutions for marketing, advertising, and other business purposes.

Youdask team is built of smart young and energetic people that are passionate about what they are doing. We believe that designing a product is designing strong relationships, both with partners and users. That’s why we strive for user-friendly design and interactive interface to meet the needs of every single user.

Our mission is to enhance everyday life of customers and allow them to get better services and goods. We also help businesses grow and improve every single process, from manufacturing to marketing. We listen carefully to our customer’s reviews, feedbacks, and claims to better understand their needs in examining buyers behavior. Your opinion is valuable to us as it helps us improve our product.

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