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ZEO Alliance is a technology driven company creating products and experiences that positively impact the world. We are the company where the skills of world-class engineers collide with the creative instincts of entrepreneurs. It is a home for talented people, providing a challenging work environment that celebrates teamwork, fresh thinking and proactivity.

Facts that matter
— We compete in the global market. ZEO creates unique products from scratch that bring a real value to millions of customers.
— We value ideas. We have internal RnD center where ZEO people test their own ideas and create prototypes.
— We share knowledge. ZEO provides lots of opportunities to learn something new.
— We bring ZEO Spirit to everything we do. This is not just about work — it is about having fun together, going in for hobbies right in the office and joining communities.

Constantly seeking new ideas from inside and outside its organization, ZEO creates products and experiences that serve to advance its mission to CREATE A NEW NORMAL for a global base of consumers and its employees.

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Лучший HR отдел. Собеседовали даже 2 девушки. В офисе легкая и непринужденная обстановка. Компания, в которой хочется работать. Не получилось попасть сейчас, но надеюсь попасть в будущем.

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