20 ноября


Требования: ruby
tech javascript tdd angular.js go elixir java scala python mentoring ux ui
Английский: eng: Не важно

Необходимые навыки

We are looking for a result-oriented and self-directed person aimed at getting the work done in the most efficient way possible with 3+ years working with Ruby on Rails.

What do you need for this position:

1. Tech fluency. Our stack consists of Ruby on Rails and JavaScript mostly, but we are not limited to these technologies, so we need a person who has a passion for programming in general and is eager to learn.

Other tech skills required are:

— Understanding and practical usage of TDD is a must.
— Practical experience with PostgreSQL.

2. Product-centric thinking is very important. You are a tech person, but you have your opinion on how the product should work and collaborate with the company and the customers to find the best solutions with business interests in view.

3. Personal skills: we are looking for a person who is communicating proactively, successfully using time-management, providing effective feedback and using the feedback of others for personal development.

Будет плюсом

— You are passionate about coding and have a project you are working on for yourself.
— You have a pet/personal project or opensource contributions.
— Experience with Angular.js, React.js.
— Experience with Crystal lang, Go lang, Elixir, Java, Scala, Python, C# or PHP.


— Unlimited vacation
— Competitive salary
— Great work-life balance with flexible working hours
— Regular reviews and yearly performance-based bonuses
— Mentoring and personal growth


— Develop simple effective solutions, not just write maintainable code.
— Work in a close contact with team members and project stakeholders.
— Improve previous solutions and help the teammates to level up the project.
— Take part in product development decisions.

О проекте

Do you want to try your skills to build Chatbot Platform? There are challenges:

— Build easy to use UX/UI for chatbot engineers to create and maintain complex rules series
— Build processing of millions of incoming messages and outgoing messages through different channels

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