Senior Java Developer

01 декабря 2020

Требования: java
oop ood spring mvc security restful api junit mockito postgresql solid english docker influxdb
Английский: eng: Intermediate
  • 5+ years of Java development experience
  • Strong knowledge of Java SE 8, Java EE
  • Deep understanding of computer science fundamentals: OOP, OOD, design patterns, multi-threading
  • Strong knowledge of Spring framework (Core, MVC, Security )
  • Experience with RESTful API
  • Experience writing tests (JUnit 5, Spring Boot test, Mockito)
  • Experience with PostgreSQL database
  • Understanding of SOLID principles
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Intermediate+ English Desired:
  • Java SE 9-11
  • DevOps experience (Docker, deployment, server and repository management)
  • Experience developing large scale distributed systems from scratch
  • Experience with InfluxDB database
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