Unity 3D Developer

10 декабря 2020


Требования: 3d unity
english .net solid designing refactoring estimating jenkins hudson c++ employment
Английский: eng: Intermediate

Required skills & experience:

  • Intermediate level of English or higher, both written and verbal;
  • You need to have 1+ years of experience with C#/.NET of which at least 0.5+ years with Unity 3D;
  • Robust understanding of geometry and vector math;
  • Good knowledge of Unity Engine, including asset bundles, coroutines, EventSystem, execution order of MonoBehaviour event functions, etc.;
  • Good knowledge of .NET framework, including collections, threads, exception handling, framework interfaces, etc.;
  • Solid understanding of OO design patterns and principles.

Daily responsibilities:

  • Designing and implementing code architecture;
  • Refactoring of, and working with existing code base;
  • Driving User Story delivery from requirements elicitation to production;
  • Helping Product Owner to identify technical requirements;
  • Estimating and requirements testing;
  • Meeting deadlines and producing high quality code;
  • Actively solving problems with performance and stability issues;
  • Collaborating closely with the whole project team (artists, business analysist and other developers) in order to improve planner3d features, artistic output and the whole workflow.

Nice to have:

  • Experience with build pipelines, specifically Jenkins/Hudson;
  • Technical background in server-side web development;
  • Experience in game development with Unity 2D/3D, C++, C#.
  • Experience in 3D modelling;
  • Shader programming skills.

We can offer:

  • Working in one of the four largest IT companies in Belarus
  • Projects for such clients as PayPal, Wargaming, Xerox, Philips, adidas and Toyota
  • Competitive compensation that depends on your qualification and skills
  • Career development system with clear skill qualifications
  • Flexible working hours aligned to your schedule
  • Employment benefits
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