Senior PHP Developer

01 декабря

Требования: php
optimization ux api qa frontend symfony doctrine laravel jenkins grafana phpunit postman mongodb mysql aws kubernetes docker git proactivity refactoring reviews tdd delivery fitness
Английский: eng: Не важно

About the company:
The company is a high-growth, print-on-demand platform that connects e-commerce merchants and print-on-demand manufacturers. We work in a fast-paced and ever-developing industry with endless growth opportunities.

They are growing our Software Development teams with roles across our four product teams: Supply, Demand, Experience (XP), and Cost Optimization Team (COT), with 3 to 6 developers each. As part of our software team, you will work as part of a self-sufficient and highly autonomous team, working in direct cooperation with Product Managers, UX Designers, and Front-end Engineers ultilising cutting-edge tools.

About the project:
A product you will be working on is a technology-based platform that automates print-on-demand services for eCommerce. The project includes lots of work with API integrations, order management, the router from one producer to another producer, etc.
The project is ongoing. Currently, the team on the client’s side is about 35 people including Developers, QA engineers, DevOps. Product teams consist of four major entities: Supply, Demand, Experience (XP), and Cost Optimization Team (COT), with 3 to 6 developers each. They are cross-functional, self-sufficient, and highly autonomous teams, working in direct cooperation with Product Managers, UX Designers, and Frontend Engineers.

Lviv, Ukraine;
Work experience
5-7 years

The technology that you will use:
● PHP 7+, Symfony, Doctrine, Laravel framework
● Jenkins, Prometheus, Grafana
● PHPUnit, Postman
● MongoDB, MySQL
● AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Git

Other important requirements:
● Proactivity/ability to explain your point of view;
● Experience of direct communication with customer representatives.

They also use practices such as Pair Programming, Refactoring, Code Reviews, Weekly Knowledge Sharing sessions, TDD/BDD, A/B testing, and Continuous Delivery which are an important part of our development process.

What to expect as a back-end Engineer:
● You will work alongside the product teams and product managers to iterate on new features within the company;
● You will take responsibility in the design and execution of your own initiatives;
● You will help identify areas of improvements in the codebase and help contribute to making it better;
● You will frequently pair with team-mates to give and receive feedback from a code review to boost knowledge-sharing, learning and improve the platform;
● You will fix any prioritized bug/issues tracked within the platform;
● You will participate as a presenter or attendee, in weekly coding or knowledge-sharing sessions;
● You will learn, develop your soft skills and spend time discussing best practices and technologies with your peers;

Working Conditions
● 1 remote day per week
● Premium medical insurance (after probation period)
● Fitness club membership (after probation period)
● 24 calendar days of vacation per year
● 15 paid sick leaves per year
● State holidays
● Company legal and accounting support
● Flexible working hours without time trackers
● Office breakfasts, snacks, beverages, and cheer-up events