Java Software Engineer (Middle/Strong Middle)

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11 ноября

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Требования: java
jvm spring mvc rdbms sql mysql mssql oracle postgresql orms hibernate vcs git svn mercurial maven gradle api restful english
Английский: eng: Intermediate

— Work with Java at least for two years
— Know what is Java Core and how Java Machine works ( profiling and GC basics, JVM tuning)
— Experience with Spring framework, strong knowledge of Spring core and MVC modules
— Know and understand basic software design patterns, have real project experience designing software systems
— Understand what is RDBMS, basic BD design principles, fluent with SQL , project experience with any mature DB ( MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL)
— Know what are ORMs and have experience with any kind of them ( preferably Hibernate)
— Strong VCS knowledge, project experience — e.g any of Git / SVN / Mercurial
— Knowledge and project experience with project management systems ( Maven or Gradle )
— Knowledge of testing methodologies, experience with unit tests, know difference between test types ( unit, integration etc)
— Experience with services integration and API design, understanding of basic SOA and RESTful principles
— Be comfortable with linux and basic command line operations
— See the difference between website and webapp
— Ability to perform work independently and through collaboration with other team members
— Ability to manage multiple priorities, work well under pressure and effectively handle concurrent demands to prioritize responsibilities
— Intermediate+ english verbal skills, pre-intermediate+ writing skills (can understand this text in English and can write a similar one without additional sources)

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