Senior Front-end Developer (React)

27 декабря 2021

Требования: frontend
javascript react redux apollo html5 css sass postcss analytical english
Английский: eng: Intermediate

Skills required:
5+ years of experience in web development
Strong knowledge of JavaScript and modern frontend frameworks
Strong knowledge of React, Redux, Final-Form, Apollo
Experience with common development tools such as git, npm, yarn, webpack, babel
Experience with common FE libraries (lodash, moment, c3/d3)
Experience with popular ui libraries (material-ui, bootstrap, antd)
Excellent knowledge of web fundamentals: HTML5, CSS, SASS, POSTCSS
Experience building frontend application with a component architecture
Addiction to the clean code (standardjs, eslint, flow)
Analytical and creative mindset, with a passion for solving business problems with technology
Ability to work with agile methodology
Ability to communicate in English