Full-stack Developer (Laravel/Vue.js)

27 ноября


Требования: frontend fullstack javascript
laravel jquery twitter bootstrap vue.js vuex mvc oop git html5 css3 ajax teamwork
Английский: eng: Не важно

Are you a technical perfectionist and clean and clear code — it’s your pride? Are you addicted to interesting projects, and the estimate is not an empty phrase for you? Do you want to grow up in development? Then you should join our team! We are looking for a brave Full-stack developer, who is ready to fight for the quality and banish a bad code from the Redentu’s universe.


Experience with Laravel;
Knowledge of JavaScript and libraries (JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap);
Experience with Vue.js framework;
Experience with Vuex;
MVC Hierarchical;
Experience at OOP;
Experience with source control systems (Git);
Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3; AJAX;
Teamwork skills;
More than 1 year of experience.

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