18 ноября

Требования: c++ python
research python3 numpy scipy tensorflow pytorch caffe keras english basic mapreduce
Английский: eng: Intermediate

Job Summary

As a member of our Research Team, you will be solving challenging problems. You will be engaged in an iterated process of data preparation, prototyping and/or implementation, measurement, and deploying your solution. You will work closely with members of our Research and Engineering teams to improve and optimize existing algorithms and models and bring products to the market based on your research.

Qualifications and Skills

— 3+ years of commercial development experience
— Python3, NumPy, scikit-learn, pandas, SciPy
— Practical experience in at least one of the following problems: object detection, segmentation, face recognition, person re-id, action recognition, generative models.
— Deep learning frameworks: fluent Tensorflow and PyTorch is a must; MxNet, Caffe, Keras is plus.
— Strong knowledge of algorithms and data structures
— MS or BS in Computer Science or related fields
— Good written and spoken English

Nice to have

— C++ knowledge and CS fundamentals (C++11/14/17 is a plus)
— Basic understanding of Big Data, understanding of the difference between MapReduce and in-memory processing
— Model optimization: pruning, quantization, knowledge distillation
— Probabilistic programming and bayesian framework
— Practical experience with GANs, VAEs

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