19 ноября

aws cloud architecture kubernetes terraform python java gcp docker rabbitmq
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● 4+ years experience with the AWS Cloud / AWS CLI.
● Familiarity with AWS Well-Formed Architecture and cloud security methodologies.
● 2+ years of Kubernetes experience.
● 2+ years of Terraform 11+ experience.
● Experience with Terragrunt is a plus.
● A good understanding and ability to modify Python or Java code.
● Experience with DevOps, various deployment strategies, and maintaining large scale, multi-tenant applications.
● Has an impressive track record in managing and working with cloud platforms and cloud automation and monitoring tools. Our stack includes AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Docker, RabbitMQ, and Datadog. Experience working with these tools or alternative tools in a production setting is a must.
● Has a solid understanding of configuration management and engineering for large scale websites and/or products, including networking, databases, and operating systems.

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