20 ноября

Требования: ios
swift oop git cocoapods networking persistence sql insert ui storyboards ide xcode algorithms english
Английский: eng: Intermediate

Swift: understands the concept of OOP, protocols, classes and structs diffs, optional, optional unwrap and force-unwrapping, let and var declarations, access control
Version control systems: Git base knowledge (branch, pull, push, commit)
Dependency managers: knowledge how to use Cocoapods on starter level
Networking: response, request, response status code, headers, URL, body, content-type
Persistence: relational database definition, what is SQL, SQL requests (SELECT, DELETE, INSERT, UPDATE), what persistence storage we can use in iOS
UI: knowledge how to make simple UI with code OR Storyboards OR XIBs, experience with building UI using basic UI Kit controls (UILabel, UIButton, UIScrollView, UITableView, UICollectionView, etc)
IDE: Xcode
Algorithms: simple algorithms and data structures (bubble sort, stack, queue, binary tree)
English level: Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate — reading of technical documentation and in future communication with customer/mixed teams

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