10 декабря 2020


reliability sre kubernetes gitlab jenkins circleci javascript golang python elk infrastructure terraform linux bash aws
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— 5+ years experience as a DevOps Engineer and/or Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)
— Experience with Kubernetes, Helm, and containerization
— Experience configuring CI/CD pipelines (e.g., Gitlab CI, Jenkins, or CircleCI)
— Experience as a developer/familiarity in one or more of the following languages:
Javascript, GoLang, Python
— Experience with monitoring systems (ELK, EFK, Prometheus)
— Experience with Infrastructure as Code (Terraform)
— Experience with Linux and Bash scripting
— Experience with cloud environments such as AWS and/or Azure
— Good understanding of networking concepts (load balancers, routers, web application firewalls, ingress
controllers) and cybersecurity practises
— Experience with setting-up highly secure infrastructures with no Single Point of Failure, High Availability and Disaster Recovery
— Ability to operate in a decentralised team and remote working environment
— Strong documentation practises

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