Требования: frontend
project node.js react.js .net api sql scrum kanban english ar vr iot javascript json
Английский: eng: Upper-intermediate

The opportunity

Project Front-End is built on Next.js (Which simplified is a Node.js server and a React.js client), with styled components. Back-End functionality is built on .NET Core 3.1, API is built on .NET 5.0 using SQL as database with Entity Framework code first approach.

The Ideal Candidate

  • 2+ years of experience in front-end development;
  • experience with Node.js, React.js or another popular FE Framework;
  • experience working in cross-functional teams using Scrum and/or Kanban;
  • excellent spoken and written English.


  • any previous experience with .Next.js a big plus (but not essential).

What Balance Means to Us

  • ability to work from home;
  • a modern office, comfortable work environment, and the best available tools;
  • business trips to Europe/US;
  • 20 working days of vacation;
  • medical insurance;
  • sick leave (up to 20 days a year);
  • unpaid leave (up to 20 days a year);
  • paid days off (2 days);
  • private entrepreneur leave (2 days);
  • professional certifications coverage
  • 100% (successfully passed);
  • English classes;
  • sport hobbies compensation;
  • ability to participate in Global Valtech R&D initiatives (AR/VR projects and IoT projects).

The Role

  • With the increasing amount and complexity of data handled in front-end applications, we’re looking for new colleagues with experience, talent and passion for JavaScript, and knowledge of React.
  • You understand the server-side of things, have worked with dynamic pages and know your way around calling API’s, consuming the responses (i.e. JSON) they return.
  • Experience or understanding of backend programming would be an advantage.
  • In addition, you need to bring an endless thirst for knowledge. You keep up with the latest trends within your digital craft, and you’re always looking to try out new techniques.
  • You’re thorough, responsible, independent and yet, you play well with others. A core part of the Valtech concept is being part of cross-disciplinary teams, so you need to be comfortable working with system developers, user experience consultants, designers, concept thinkers and everyone in between.

As a consultant and as a binding part between developers and our clients you are expected to develop expertise both in technology and the means to communicate complex concepts and rationale to non-techies. We’ll encourage and support this with frequent opportunities to share ideas internally. We also have consultants frequently deliver at regional, national and global conferences.

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