Senior/Middle DevOps

27 августа


english ubuntu centos linux cloud amazon web jenkins sql postgresql github
Английский: eng: Intermediate

● you feel comfortable with reading in English,
● you know what is Ubuntu and how it is different to CentOS,
● you can install a Linux distro from scratch,
● you have experience of setting up a web application in VM on Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services,
● you can read and write scripts in bash,
● you know how to set up a Travis/Jenkins CI build,
● you know how to set up a domain,
● you can buy and set up certificate for a domain name,
● you can build and run a docker container,
● you understand what is load balancing and autoscaling,
● you understand SQL at beginner level: can run simple select and update statements,
● you have some PostgreSQL administration skills: you can make & restore a database dump, you know where to look for database cluster logs, how to troubleshoot performance issues
● you’re willing to ask questions and search for answers online if you get stuck on a technical task,
● you have a habit of digging source code, either locally or on GitHub, for clues if you get stuck on a technical task,
● you are comfortable with git.

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